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3D 4 Wheel Alignment
Merctech - Speke, Liverpool

All cars should have their wheels aligned professionally every year or at their scheduled service interval.The good news is one stop garage offers a state-of-the-art wheel alignment service.Using digital cameras our new 3D Image Aligner captures your vehicle’s alignment in 3 dimensional space without reference to the lift or the horizontal plane. By placing reflective targets on the vehicle’s wheels, full alignment readings are achieved. If adjustments need to be made we will complete the work there and then.

Do you feel your car pulling to the left or right? Is there a vibration in your streering wheel? These are indications that you may be in need of a proper wheel alignment.

Performing a wheel alignment will help reduce uneven tire wear, increase the life of your tyres, increase petrol/diesel mileage and provide you with an overall safer drive.

Merctech offers the latest in 3D wheel alignment technology. Our wheel alignment system allows us to provide you with quick service with the most precise level of calibration.

Notice any signs of improper wheel alignment - bring your car into Merctech and we'll have a look.

Our service is FREE and a computer printout is provided - You only pay us if you would like us to re-align your wheels.

You dont even need an appointment.

Our wheel alignment servicing starts at £30.

Technical Information
Wheel Alignment or tracking, is important for good road holding and to maximise the life of the tyres. Hitting a kerb or driving at speed through a pot hole can result in misalignment. To have your wheels aligned by us simply pop in and see us.

For most cars aligning the front wheels will resolve many of the uneven tyre wear problems. However there will be some cases where all 4 wheels will need to be aligned. On checking your vehicle our technicians can advise on requirements and if adjustments can be made will advise of the additional cost.

The direction and angle at which tyres are set are both important. Wheel alignment involves checking the direction and angle against vehicle manufacturers' specifications and are both equally important. You may hear these described as toe in, toe out, positive camber or negative camber.

The "Toe" refers to whether the front of the tyres across an axle are closer or further apart than the rear of the tyres. Different types of vehicles need different toe settings to allow for the way that wheels pull either towards each other or apart.

The "Camber" is the inward or outward tilt of a tyre and is specified by the vehicle manufacturer. It can be affected by potholes in the road and needs to be checked regularly to see if any adjustment is required.

Incorrect wheel alignment can result in rapid wearing on the edges of the tyre and could affect the handling on the vehicle and certainly mean a replacement earlier than would otherwise be required. An example reading would be 2-4-4mm or as in the image (below right) 2-1-0mm.

Tyre Wear
There is no set pattern to wear and tear, it can be down to type of driving, location etc.

On a front wheel drive car the front tyres will usually wear more quickly due to the increased work load on the front axle. High performance cars will also wear tyres much quicker than a less powerful car due to the additional power going through the drive wheels.

Premature wear can be caused by incorrect tyre pressures, incorrect wheel alignment or overloading of the vehicle.

Over inflation
This will cause the tyres to wear more in the centre of the tread as the central section bulges out. An example tread depth reading would be 4 - 2 - 4 mm.

Under inflation
This will cause the tyres to wear more on both tyre edges as the central part bulges in. An example tread depth reading would be 2- -4 - 2 mm.

Merctech recommendation
We recommend that you visually check your tyres weekly for signs of wear or irregular wear. If in doubt call into see us for a free check.





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